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Top 5 Promotional Items for Businesses

Promotional items benefit businesses of every size. They reach many customers, offer lots of fun incentive for customers and businesses, and offer choice. Promotional items have long been a favorite marketing tool for businesses and should be on your list of choices.

Tons of promotional products are available. It’s nice to have so many options since it gives you the chance to customize products to your business and/or customer needs and for specific events and needs. Though, over the years some products have earned a better reputation than others.

Looking for the best business promotional items in winston salem for your business? You cannot go wrong using any of the five products on our list below.

1.    Ink Pens: Ink pens reach an average of nine people when they’re distributed. This means nine people have the chance to find out about your business. They’re affordable, available in tons of designs and styles and a product every business and every person needs.

2.    T-Shirts: T-shirts offer a great deal of benefits to a business looking for promotional items as well. Imprinted with your company logo or design and business details such as telephone number, address, and website address, t shirts are great for trade shows, contests, etc.

3.    Tote Bags: When customers use tote bags imprinted with your business information, tons of people see the name wherever they take the bag. A sturdy tote is a friend to us all, thus making it a low-cost, beneficial promotional item.

4.    Mugs/Drinkware: Although coffee mugs are most popular, tons of drinkware options customized with your business information is available and makes a wonderful promotional item for great versatility for its use.

business promotional items in winston salem

5.    Lip Balm/Sunscreen: Personal care products such as lip balm and sunscreen are items people often forget to purchase while at the drugstore. Offer a promotional item (in season) and they’ll be appreciative as they patronize your business.